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List five ways to think about and address changes in technology in your classroom and school. With each way briefly describe how you plan to apply your thinking with your colleagues.

Before developing your five ways to address change suggestions consider the following:
  • Considering the list of fears you brainstormed in the previous assignment, what are the common objections and fears your peers or administration may have to changes in technology?
  • How can you assess if the the objections/fears are valid? How can you educate your peers in determining if these fears and objections are valid?
  • How can you inspire peers who share similar beliefs and interests to apply changes in technology to their classroom or students' learning?
  • How can you get peers out of the "Resistance" phase into the "Exploration" phase?

Post your "five ways to address change" in the table below. Review your peers' postings and post at least one comment in the Discussion Tab above.

5 Ways to Address Change

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